Thursday, February 3, 2011

Why Obamacare Was Ruled Unconstitutional

A liberal is horrified to learn that Obamacare is held unconstitutional, and she demands an explanation. She gets one.
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  1. This is very good stuff! Keep up the good work.

    Greetings from Europe,

  2. Great videos all. In this one you could have demolished the claim that the O'care mandate is like requiring auto insurance. even stronger than you did.
    1. You can avoid paying for car insurance by choosing to ride the bus, whereas you could avoid the O'care mandate only by choosing not to live.
    2. If you do choose to drive, it will be on a publicly owned roadway where you may logically be required to be financially responsible for any damage your driving may cause to others (note damage coverage for your own property is NOT required), and again, avoiding the cost of insurance only requires inaction (not driving) on your part. In the case of O'care, neither inaction nor the fact that your inactivity only might damage yourself will exempt you from the mandate.
    Isn't this supposedly a free country?