How & Why to Pass It On

Each day, liberals spread their ideas to millions of people through television, movies, newspapers and liberal universities. Liberalism will always exist, and liberals will always seek to propagate their ideas. It doesn't matter how many times liberal ideas have failed in the past. Liberals are not motivated by pragmatism. At the core of liberalism is a love of centralized planning and control. Liberals will always continue to spread their ideas because they love the ideas, not because they have seen them work.

People who prefer individualism and free enterprise also spread their own ideas. When those people stop spreading their ideas, whether because of force or apathy, liberals will impose centralized planning and control. As long as people who disagree with liberals spread their ideas, individualism and free enterprise may continue to exist.

Here are a few ways you can spread these videos across the internet.

E-mail and Forums

Share this website by sending a link in an e-mail to a friend or to a blogger. Spread it across the internet by posting links on forums, message boards, and comments on news stories.

Click the website address of the front page or a video page until it is highlighted. Then right-click and copy it.

Right-click and paste the link to the website in an e-mail or a forum post.


Under each video is a link you can click to post a link to this site on your Facebook page. However, you can also embed the Youtube video itself on your or someone else's Facebook page by following these steps.

Right-click the direct Youtube link and click "copy."

On a Facebook wall, click to add a Link.

Right-click and paste the link, then hit the "Attach" button.