Monday, April 18, 2011

Gun Control explained

A liberal tries to explain why she wants to make gun ownership illegal.
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  1. Good Job! I thought this was your best one yet and shared it on my blog.

  2. Good job on the Gun one! Now if we can just get a nation wide gun carry permit,we would really be making some progress!

    OK, now we need SOMETHING on global warming and how AL GORE has been so freeking silent!


  3. That was brilliant! Disarming the citizenry equals putting licensed, qualified and trained citizens in harms way, just for something the "liberal elite" believes in.

  4. Oh my fellow vegetarians always making us look bad...

    *is the only non-liberal vegetarian I know*

  5. Harmony, it is OK to be vegetarian if you don't like the taste of meat (weird but true, some people just don't like the taste... my sister was one for years). If you are vegetarian for philosophical reasons, give it up... even hard core psychotic vegans use animal products or products which result in the death of animals... they just can't admit it. Wheat harvesting alone results in the death of millions of cute furry bunnies, skunks, woodchucks, and even deer... pulling a deer carcass out of a combine harvester is a huge pain in the ass!

  6. that's completely hilarious! I like where she says "I'm going to be generous" as if she has the right and power to control people who don't agree with her. Sadly, that's actually pretty close to the truth...