Friday, March 25, 2011

Pass It On, Part 4: Middle East

This week we will take a look at the spread of the Battlefield315 videos across the Middle East.

Note that YouTube's definition of the Middle East does not include anything in Africa or east of Iraq. Within the defined area, two countries stand above the rest: Israel, which supplies about a third of the total traffic, and Turkey, which accounts for about one-sixth. YouTube is able to supply data for all of the countries except for the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen (also known as South Yemen). There is also no data from an area called simply the "Neutral Zone," which presumably refers to the undefined southern border of Saudi Arabia...

As to the rest of the countries, all of them have been reached by the Battlefield315 videos. Israel's heavy traffic is facilitated by its advanced economy and English-speaking population.Turkey benefits from its large population: Turkey is far more populous than any other country in this area and about ten times the size of Israel.

Wide disparities may be seen in the level of traffic relative to population size. Yemen and Syria, despite their size, provide almost no hits. Small, rich countries like Qatar and the United Arab Emirates fare much better, as does Georgia.

Next Time: The Asian mainland.

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