Friday, April 1, 2011

Pass It On, Part 5: Asian Mainland

This week we will take a look at the spread of the Battlefield315 videos across mainland Asia.

There is a surprisingly dense area of traffic around the Malay Peninsula: Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore together the supply the majority of hits from the Asian mainland. This is despite the presence of the world's two population giants, India and China. India supplies a fair amount of traffic, but not in proportion to its size. India lacks development; in China, the government is the root of the problem...

The communist government of China famously instituted the "Great Firewall of China" to prevent its people from gaining access to the ideas of the outside world. This means a total block on YouTube--almost. YouTube reports a couple dozen hits from China. The "Firewall" is almost impenetrable, but not quite. It's unclear how the few hits made it through. Perhaps some higher-level members of the government are permitted access to YouTube. The same seems to be true of Iran, where a few hits have trickled in.

As a contrast, the videos on this site received more hits from Afghanistan and almost as many from Mongolia as from China. There is an exception, however: Hong Kong, a special administrative district of China, has no such internet restrictions, and thousands of hits have poured in from there.

Of the remaining communist states: Vietnam does not appear to have any restrictions on access to YouTube. Laos has supplied a few hits, but the small number may be attributed to lack of economic development. There is no data available from North Korea.

Turkmenistan and Myanmar (Burma) are the only other countries about which YouTube has no data. There have been no hits from Uzbekistan or Bhutan, but the remaining countries of the Asian mainland have been reached.

Next Time: The Pacific.

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